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New Home Structural Inspectionnew construction structural engineer

This home inspection service includes an on-site inspection of a newly constructed home throughout the Southern Houston area including all parts of Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend and Galveston counties. All of our inspectors are licensed Professional Engineers. Similar to our pre-purchase home inspections, a new construction inspection will present you with a list of defects to be corrected by the builder prior to occupancy or ownership. We routinely uncover significant defects or oversite in a new home, many of which are safety related. Don’t let a small defect cause you big problems down the road.

Criterium-Farrell Yancy Engineers can provide you with a detailed new home inspection report to help you learn about the house that has just been built and avoid costly surprises in the future.  All new home inspections include a structural inspection, with drawing, at no extra cost. 

Progress Inspections

When building a new home it is important to ensure the quality of the construction and to adhere to a strict attention to detail. Our new construction progress inspections include regular inspections during the course of the construction of your new home, primarily at the pre-pour and pre-drywall stages. Inspections set at predetermined stages of construction are the best way to ensure quality throughout the construction process before items such as framing, plumbing and electrical components are hidden behind walls. Your home deserves no less than the best.  All progress home inspections include a structural inspection, with drawing, at no extra cost.           

Plan Review and Consultation

Prior to finalizing your dream home plans in the Southern Houston area, let us review them with you and your builder to make sure that expectations are consistent with the planned construction of your new home. A plan review prior to starting construction of your new home will help to ensure that the project goes smoothly.  This is especially important for the structural systems, which includes the slab, foundation and structural framing. 

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