10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Engineering Inspection

  1. Accompany the engineer on the inspection. You will see our engineer look at all the major systems to gain an understanding of how they work together in your home.  This is an opportunity for you to see what he or she sees, including any defects.
  1. Tell the engineer about any concerns you may have and ask questions. We do not want you worrying unnecessarily.  Tell us what concerns you have and what might affect your satisfaction and comfort once you own the home.
  1. Read the Engineered Home Inspection Agreement and ask questions about anything you do not understand. We have offered you a choice of services.  Be sure you have chosen the service that you need.
  1. Read the entire report – twice. During the inspection, you probably saw things that were unfamiliar to you.  Do not rely on just your memory of what you discussed with the engineer at the inspection.  Our highly acclaimed written report will help put things in perspective and may contain additional information not discuss-ed on site, such as minor deficiencies and homeowner maintenance information.
  1. Follow up on all recommendations for further investigation. A visual inspection cannot always reveal the extent of a problem.  If we recommend further investigation, it is to either rule out a greater problem or for you to learn more precisely the extent of any related problems that may exist.
  1. Call the engineers about anything you didn’t understand in the report.   We want you to be informed.  There may be terminology you do not understand or a reference we made that is not clear.  Please do not hesitate to call and ask questions.  Our job is not complete until you have a clear understanding of this home.
  1. Conduct your own pre-title inspections prior to closing to make sure things have not changed. Appliance malfunctions, or minor plumbing leaks, are a few examples of how things can change after our inspection.  You can conduct this inspection yourself with the checklist we provide.
  1. Implement the maintenance plan that is outlined in the report. It is always cheaper to pay for preventative maintenance than for unexpected urgent repairs.  That is why we provide a maintenance plan with our report.
  1. We’re your engineering resource. When it is time to make improvements or repairs, we are there for you.  We can help with the designs, specifications, contractor selection and construction monitoring.  Let us help you get what you need and not what someone else wants to sell you.
  1. Save the report for future reference.  We hope your Team Engineering report will be a valuable tool in your home for years to come.
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