Forensic Engineering Insurance Services

Criterium-Farrell Yancy Engineers’ expertise in building systems is often requested when clients need someone to determine the cause and origin of a failure, determine how best to remedy the problem, develop estimates and contract documents, manage the repair, and provide court testimony. We do not decide whether defects are covered by insurance but render an opinion as to what caused the problem and what can be done about it.

We have inspected hundreds of buildings of various types (including homes, apartment buildings, office building, retail strip centers, etc.) in an attempt to determine the root cause of areas of concern and/or damage. We have extensive experience performing inspections after hurricanes of buildings that have sustained wind, moving and rising water damage. Our clients have ranged from property owners and attorneys to insurance companies. We provide an unbiased opinion in an effort to fairly resolve any differences of opinion.

Typical defects relate to:

Criterium Engineers Site and Structure (e.g. Subsidence, Cracking, Drainage Problems, Water Penetration)
Criterium Engineers Mechanical Systems (e.g. Comfort Concerns, Indoor Air quality, Energy costs)
Criterium Engineers Electrical Systems (e.g. Capacity, Safety)
Criterium Engineers Accessibility (e.g. FHAA and ADA Barrier Reviews)

Our initial engineering report documents our findings and will provide opinions as to the suspected cause. Additional investigation may be required, or a design repair may need to be produced. Expert witness services are also available.

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